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technical problems. and we're above highway 87 on virginia street overpass, caltrans just started to reopen the two southbound lanes of highway 87 that had been closed this, began very early this morning. and crews discovered a sink hole. and this is still affecting a soldier here just at the virginia street overpass so.... to be on the safeside, caltrans closed those lanes to do work and say that a high water table created this problem. so they closed the southbound lanes then filling in with a
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quick-drying concrete, then had to put asphalt on top. once this was done skprkt lanes reopened, there will be still some work ahead. >> there is anticipation that it will be replacing concrete slabs. >> what kind of impact will have that on motorists? >> when it comes time, we'll expect lane closures and ramp closures but pretty much traffic will be still flowing on both sides. >> so traffic staying light all day. and if there were issues it was later this afternoon in feeder lanes as those car as approached what had been the closed lanes. right now, we -- we have pointed the camera in the
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opposite direction. traffic is just moving very well, and light and easily as caltrans just reopened these lanes about 10 to 15 minutes ago. >> and governor jerry brown signed a landmark bill to incorps railt gay, lesbian and transgender history into social studies classes in california public schools, it's the first of its kind in the nation. the democratic controlled legislate you're passed it last week. some churches argued it exposes students to subjects some parents find objectable. state senator leno says it will teach students to be accepting of differences. a san francisco doctor killed and three others injured when a big rig collided with a shuttle bus today. it happened on a busy intersection of octavia
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boulevard and oak street. the shuttle was traveling east on oak with a dozen workers heading to san francisco general hospital. a 52-year-old dr. kevin mack died after being ejected from the shuttle. he was a psychiatrist and taught at the medical school. investigators say the shuttle did not have seat belts, something supervisor says needs to change. >> on all of the shuttles should seat belts be part of the transit experience? i sthai this particular incident helps spotlight that strong consideration. >> it's still not clear which driver was at fault. neither drug nor alcohol use is expected. >> police are trying to fid id fi the body of a woman fund burning on a street in an upscale oakland neighborhood. neighbors reported something burning around 4:30 this morning. firefighters determined it was a body and called police.
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investigators believe the body was dumped there, then set on fire. a $10,000 reward is being offered by crime stoppers for information in this case. >> it appears san francisco's former interim police chief is moving across the bay. the oakland police chief says he plans to fire jeff godown, who will be the deputy chief of police. before serving as interim chief in san francisco, he was second in charge of the sfpd and ran the department's crime tracking program. >> university of california students will have to shell out more than planned when classes begin this fall. >> today, the regents approved an additional hike of almost owe%. and this keeps going and going. and in november we went from
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10,000ses today $11,000. now, tuition will be more than $12,000 a year. today's vote would increase tuition by more than $1,000 per student, the second hike voted on for the coming year. the regents says it was necessary because of the recent $650 million in state funding reduction autos student fees and combined fees add up to only 26% of the short fall for next year. >> this system will make more cuts throughout the system. >> we're retusing the number of sections and defering our school of medicine and defering our school of public policy. >> the system says 65% of the students will not have to pay for the increase because they're entitled to financial
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aid packagesed. and those who don't qualify will have to pay. >> here we are putting again that nail in the coffin of the middle class. >> jose silva will be affected. >> and like working full time to save money. with this tuition hike i'm probably going to have to get more loans out just to pay for school. >> the regents said it's needed to maintain representation of the uc system. >> we'll protect the quality of this and will not lose faculty or top administrators because you've deserted the university. >> the impact is saying no. just sent us down the road saying we're prepared to let our quality erode. we have thrown in the towel. >> and just to give you an idea in 2007, average cost for tuition was $6,500 so it's nearly doubled. also raising tuition are the
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california state universities. the board of trustees approved a 12% increase. >> thank you. law enforcement sources say the fbi is now opened an investigation into whether media mogul rupert murdock's news corps tried to hack into the phones of the september 11th victims. and they've been in crisis mode in britain, and that murdock was quoted in another paper today defending his company's handling of this scandal and said he's annoyed by the recent negative press. >> and august 2 is the day america will hit it's credit limit. but there is no deal in sight. the white house spokesman says they're still talking and we shouldn't expect any quote, hallelujah moments tonight, making for a tense mood in washington.
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is the clock winds down on the nation's credit a war of words is boiling over. >> if they bring this economy down, they have broken it, they own it gave us three bad choices. higher taxes, smoke and mirrors, or default. >> house majority leader showed he shouldn't be at the table. >> time for the leader to make concessions. he's taking it in stride. >> i imagine he's frustrated and the fact is that we goring to abide by principal autos that followed a tense exchange at the white house, cantor told the president the two sides are too far apart. and president obama threatened to veto any measures and said don't call my bluff. >> we're in the fox hole. this is not easy. >> republicans stand firm on resisting tax hikes, democrats learned defaults were spelling
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economic disaster. >> if you're seniors maybe not get social security checks, or veteran not getting their benefits. >> running out of time. the iz of the country are on us. the eyes of the world are on us. >> speaking of the eyes of the world, china has a big interest in these talks, lending more money to the u.s. than anyone. abc news, washington. >> and back in the bay area, first look at our accu-weather forecast. it continues to be kind of the same. >> yes. cold. >> and change is coming. i think you'll like this weechblgtd and there is clouds clearing right now. so there will be mostly clear skies at the coast and clouds returning during overnight hours, then, tomorrow morning, early will be lingering clouds and that is expecting wide spread drizzle. by afternoon tomorrow, mostly sunny skies and this is high
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temperatures tomorrow from about 58 along coast up to about 78 into warmest loks but speaking of warm inland, going to get warmer inland very soon. i'll have details later. >> and still ahead, prosecutors getting chastised in the roger clemens steroids case. what they did to declare a mistrial. >> have you ever heard of a pastafarian? this guy is making up religion autos and michael finney is taking your questions. we have links for you at abc 7 at the top of the home page. >> and there is a look at traffic, yikes. this is the skyway downtown, 101. it's a nightmare both directions and bad for hours heading into the bay bridge. and it's just going to be a slow crawl home. i'll be back with more on the news at 4:00. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
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a judge declared a mistrial in the perjure trial of roger clemens, the former pitcher is charged with lying to-to-congress about using performance-enhacing drugs. >> reporter: call it a misfire in the med federal case against the pitcher known as the rocket. the trial ending in a mistrial just the second day. >> this is a beautiful day. take care. >> the 48-year-old former pitcher left the court house in washington after the judge admonished prosecutors for presenting evidence previously
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deemed inadmissible. they showed the jury portions of clemens 2008 congressional testimony and reverenced andy pettitte, leaving to discuss steroid was clemens. >> i think he misremembers. >> very well. >> of our conversation. >> pettitte and former trainer mcnamee were to be witness autos i injected him with steroids and human growth hormone. >> clemens was indict forward his testimony regarding his alleged use of steroids and human growth hormone. >> let me be clear. very never taken steroids or hgh. >> yesterday, clemens turn rusty harden pointed out taxpayer dollars spent on the the case. 131 law enforcement officers, nine attorneys, 229 investigative reports and 72 investigative locations. >> you can't try someone twice for the same crime f the judge decides jeopardy is attached this, trial is done. >> for now, this 354 career
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win, you get the feeling this victory might be among the sweetest for religioner clemens. >> and keeping these sports theme here arks mazing video clip from san jose earthquakes. take a look as rookie goal keeper david bingham does something most never have ever done. >> go. go. and bend it like bingham, i guess. there is tuesday night in a friendly against west broadway. should be english premier league. the sun got in the eyes of the keeper there. bingham said sometimes it's gooding to lucky. the world cup team is dominating the headlines sending the american women to the world cup finals on
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sunday. they'll take on japan. espn broadcasting finals live. that is this sunday morning at 11:45 a.m. >> and it took three years but an austrian man's attempt to thumb his nose at rules on religion head gear paid off. the atheist took his driver's license photo wearing a pasta strainer on his head telling officials he was a pastafarian and a strainer was required by his religion. today, he received a license, officials deny religion played a part in their decision saying he succeeded because he filled only criteria required, his face was fully visible. >> that would make me an angel hair pastafarian. how about you? >> and mine is like an empty plate right now. >> spencer, it's going to be warming up? >> yes. are you happy? >> yes. >> elated?. >> true. >> and this is going to be a
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grad warm warm up. and here is a live view now from our east bay camera, looking towards golden gate. we're seeing a lot more blue skies now than we've seen in this hour last few days. not much of a marine layer. and there are temperatures well below average. and 74 degrees in antioch z 77 up in santa rosa. 60s into other locations. 63 in redwood city. and these are the highlights, areas of low clouds developing overnight and there are sunny skies and warming begins this weekend. the image close up shows clouds swept away from the coastline today. and there is is area down at the north-northwest.
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overnight, low clouds and will be cool in some inland areas of the north bay. lows dropping to 48 in santa rosa. and there is a familiar scene, we've seen low pressure system with this trough sa that is slowly moving out. and that is when we'll see the warm up beginning on saturday. tomorrow, looking for high nrts a range sim tloor upper 60s to low 70s in the south bay. upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. and 60 into the sunset district. north bay highs into mid to upper 70s. up to 82 in cloverdale z near east bay highs will be into mid to upper 60s and newark, 68 in fremont. inland east bay, low to mid-70s, just saw some upper 60s there so we're getting
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milder down near monterey bay. 72 in santa cruz. and there is the accu-weather forecast. there is a warming on saturday. low 80s inland sunday sunday. and we'll top out at 90 inland into warmest spots tuesday and wednesday. and there is summer like weather. >> we're getting there. >> we are. >> and madmen leads the pack of emmy nominees announced today. >> and there is a awkward kiss for a couple harry potter star ootz big story here in hollywood today is announcement of the emmy noms. >> welcome to the 63 prime time emmy awards announcement. >> hollywood up bright and early for official start of the awards season. and for a full list of the nominees visit
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and emma watson opened up about lip locking with her co-star in the final installment of heir harry potter. she said it was awkward as is he like a brother to her after 10 years of working together. jake gyllenhaal had a real life run in with crime. they were on a ride along with officers in south l.a. last night. a gang shooting occurred. the victim was hospitalized with only graze wounds. jake and michael will be playing police officers in the movie set to be released in 2012. for your late-breaking entertainment news visit >> just ahead a california celebrity lawyer many people love to hate takes what could be the highest profile assignment yet. >> why this woman could face jail time for growing a vegetable garden. >> and swimmers beware. the water rescue near the
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beach with a warning for all of us. >> and there is a look at traffic on 680 in walnut creek. heavy heading north and moving along nicely. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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a final memorial service held today for former first lady betty ford in the same church where she and her husband were married more than 60 years ago. the former first lady's children join bid hundreds of mourners and political figures including former president bill clinton, former first
4:24 pm
lady barbara bush as well as former vice president dick cheney and his wife. >> 19 years ago i went through my alcoholism, my mother was the first one there for me to comfort me like she comforted so many others. >> betty ford is being buried at theger rald ford museum next to her husband. >> one of america's outspoken attorneys landed a television show. gloria allred will preside over cases in "we the people with gloria all-sred". she gained celebrity status thinks to clients including a former mistress of convicted killer scott peterson. >> this could be the first case. a michigan woman facing up to three months in jail for planting a vegetable garden in her front yard, yes. workers tore up the yard to replace a sewer line she decided to replace grass with
4:25 pm
five large planter boxes. she's been growing basil, cabbage, tomatoes cucumbers and more, someone in the neighborhood complained to the city. >> they wanted ugs to move the vegetables from the front. and we didn't move the vegetables. we didn't think we were so they ticketed us and charged me with a misdemeanor. >> the city code says all unpaved areas must be planted with either grass, ground cover shrubs or suitable plant life. the last category bass and the city are fighting over. bass will go to court to fight charges this month. this unauthorized vegetable planting musting stopped! >> you would think that is suitable. >> maybe not and this fallen soldier's family says this is not the memorial he deserve autos car crash cleared out
4:26 pm
dozens of homes in the south bay. you can see the skyway is heavey. spencer christian will have the forecast coming up.
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the body of a soldier killed in the line of duty returned to the bay area. some members of the family say he's not being properly honored. we're live in daily city to explain why those family members are so upset. >> this family is angry with the governor and state of california with the way it's handled the return of the hero to the bay area. the flag drape remains on the staff sargeant and the 36-year-old died july 5th after his unit was hit in afghanistan. the family found out today that the state was to the planning to fly the flag at half staff on monday, the day of the funeral. >> we're getting my son's body before it, we got told that
4:30 pm
the american flag was not going to be at half mast in california. that it was going to be in all of the other 49 states. and i'm working on trying to get that corrected. >> now, the governor's office has just confirmed the flag will be lowered monday saying the only reason for the confusion is that flag had been lowered in honor of the soldier on the 12th after communication with the department. but that communication had misinformation in it. also the governor's office says from the federal government that added to their grieve today, he served his country 16 years. his survived by his wife and two adult children from a previous marriage n daily city, abc 7 news. >> and police have arrested
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the girlfriend of giovanni ramirez, the chief suspect in the beating of brian stow. police considered her a perfect of -- person of interest. detective dz not know her wr she was. she remains in clark county jail. ramirez is serving 10 who months in jail on a parole violation and has not been charged in the stow case, stow continues to recover from severe brain injuries at san francisco general hospital. the family reports he opened his mouth monday when a nurse sid she's taking his temperature, so that is good news, he improve autos the bart board of directors began looking into the fatal shooting by bart police. on july 3, police shot and killed on the platform. they say he threatened him them with no two knifes and a broken bottle. and the chief reiterated surveillance video of the sooting will not be made public. >> the time for investigative
4:32 pm
reasoning. what they saw that night and i can concur with this reasoning. >> the shooting triggered a major protest this week that shut down the civic center station two. others at the height of the commute. bart says there will be a zero tolerance approach to prevent similar closure autos morgan hill police say a woman suspected of stealing a car with the baby in the back seat turned herself in. she surrendered monday, telling police she was just tired of running. store surveillance video captured these images of her and another suspect in loss banos. investigators believe both are responsible for stealing a car from a church parking lot may 31. a baby was in the back seat at this time. the baby was found safe in salinas. police are looking for the male suspect that is believed
4:33 pm
to be driving a dark blue 1988 toyota camery four door. and dozens of residents were forced out of their homes this morning. and 30 homes had to be evacuated after a car struck a gas meter this, is how it looked from sky 7 hd. no one was hurt and the house was not damaged. by this morning, a leak capped, and residents allowed to go back into their homes. >> a community watch dog group investigating the safety of the pipelines won right to look deeper into pg&e records. the california public utilities commission went through a previous decision that used national security as a reason to block access to records for two gas transmission lines in sassoon city. the group healthy community research fears pipelines near highway 12 could explode because of heavy construction taking place in that area.
4:34 pm
>> and there will be more knowledgeable, making you feel safe. it's only 25 yards from the back of my house this, pipeline. >> the group will use new information to check how the cpu skr. handling reclassification of the natural gas pipelines near construction zones. >> and they say they don't want to you worry about price of helping the planet what. regulators are doing to make plug in cars more affordable. >> and michael finney checking facebook and twitter to see what you want to know. we've got links at abc 7 >> if you're heading into san francisco it's slow going here on the golden gate bridge. and how is it looking if you're traveling throughout the rest of the country? spencer christian has the travel forecast for use it's slower going into sfo. for the third day there are delays over two hours because
4:35 pm
of low clouds and low visibility. there are tl is partial clearing and we might see improvement in air traffic situations. denver reporting 30-45 minute delays right now because of thunderstorms, much of the nation is showing green lights with air traffic hety much on time. but la guardia reporting delays of 45 minutes because of air traffic management problems not because of weather. i'll take a look at the weekend weather picture in just a moment.
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a northern california fun spot is one of the best you'll find in the country. there is a live look at santa cruz beach baurd -- board walk now with the question, why aren't we there? "national geographic" named it one of the best board walks in the nation and singles out the board walks giant dipper rollercoaster and summer concert series. other board walks include atlantic city, and venice beach. >> gorgeous. >> yes. >> california public utilities commission did it's part today. the cpuc adopted codes to keep costs down for drivers in order to plug in and charge vehicles. and will block rate increases for this type of use for both rez yil and commercial customer autos by making it
4:39 pm
cheaper to own and operate, hopefully we'll make it possible for more people with moderate incomes to become early adoptors. >> the cpuc will revisit the rate structure in two years and kuwait kate they had might be willing to make dmers pay for system upgrades. >> still to come, free music from sweden. the difference between pan dora and the new cloud music service. >> users lashing out over a price increase. ♪
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taking a look live from our east bay camera. boy there is a lot of clouds there. spencer tells us that is in the east bay. san francisco actually sunny right now. >> net flix enraged customers announcing a price increase of as much as 60%. some customers are now venting online, faceboork, twitter and you tube. >> net flix i see what you're
4:43 pm
doing here. i don't appreciate it. nor do i like it. i will remain seat today. press anger partially due to my. >> shame on you net flix. i thought we had something together. we've had a three-year relationship. i've been so devoted to you. you've been providing the best customer service i have ever experienced from any other company. i told people net flix was my favorite company. >> well, net flix says it has to raise prices because it miscalculated how many people still want to receive dvds by mail. it costs more to mail videos than it does to offer streaming video. analysts say this should encourage people to drop plans for dvds by mail which is good for net flix. >> and there is another enry in the digital clouds music market. spotta fy is popular in europe, and today debutting in
4:44 pm
the u.s., you sign up to listen to streams on computers or mobile device. it is free, if you don't mind ads like pandora. and you can get to choose the songs. pay plans starting at $5 a month. >> when it comes to investing a lot of us are relying on 401(k)s. more on that and reaction to news out of washington. >> markets reacting to news out of washington but it's not because of the net keel bug chairman. the dow and nasdaq all in the red at the close. and in this second day, the fed chairman telling congress the fed is not ready to immediately begin another round of bond buying in response owe why the fed has not yet reacted given the weak economic recovery and yesterday saying the fed has tools to spur growth. whit comes to saving up for retirement, many of you
4:45 pm
depending on your 401(k) plans. according to a survey there are 55% say they'd not be saving up for retirement if not for their 401(k) plans. and a little more than half said they would contribute more to their plans if conditions were better. >> and still to come, new republican bull dog. >> what tough talk is doing for her image. >> bank of america is paying back millions of dollars. how to find out if you have cash coming, and should have to pay to volunteer? consumer questions answered, up next. >> evidence seized from osama bin laden's hideout tells what he was plotting for the 10 year anniversary of september 11th.
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have you ever tried something only to find out it's going to cost you?. >> price of volunteering. it's a question for michael finney today. >> you know, i feel sorry for this first guy. he's unemployed and the question from jason is that a plied to volunteer at olympics however ways told i must pay $160 for my volunteer uniform. is this right? golf is an expensive game. even when you're not playing it. $106 is correct. that is the going rate. and this isn't like volunteering at ymca or in a school this, is considered a privilege. that is how they look at it. most people consider it that, too. and i checked. >> the pricing. last two days of the tournament down there cost
4:50 pm
$125 each day, and other days are $50 or $100 so $160 is a bargain. and if you're unemplie unemplied -- unemployed it doesn't feel like a bargain. second question, does the lemon law apply to computers? woah. so glad you're giving me an opportunity to answer this question. it applies to everything. the lemon law is called song-beverly act. it says everything must perform as you would expect to it perform. so a chair you have to be able to sit in it and stand on it because we know people goring to stand on chairs occasionally. if you buy a screwdriver it's expected to pry and work as a skri driver. fit doesn't do what waits made to do and what a normal consumer would expect to it do, then, you can sue. now, you sue the store where you bought it then, the store
4:51 pm
continues the lawsuit and can sue the manufacturer. so yes. everything you buy new perform the way you would expect. in this case a computer must compute. okay? there is good news. have you received this card in the mail? there is that tiny print from b of a telling you bank of america may reimburse you for overdraft fees. there is a huge lawsuit just settled. and you're shaking your head. >> and this is $410 million going to pay back $35 at a time. this is a settlement. they're accused of pass through your debits. if you had, four, you know february debit goesing through,
4:52 pm
they'd reorderer them so that they would get a bunch of $35 fees rather than putting them through in the order in which they came in. where they'd only maybe get one $35 fee this, says they're going to go through bank records and deb yits f they reorderered enry into your account, then they'll pay you that $35 and it will show up and that is what all of small print is. they're going to do the work. so you don't have to do anything about it. keep track of that. and make sure they put money back into your account. >> you checked whether we had money coming back. >> if you had no money... >> and there is a data base. me? final lie and one last look at the forecast right now.
4:53 pm
>> and there is my concern, small print, small balances. let's hope money is coming. there is warmer weather coming. areas of low clouds tonight. sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. warming finally begins this weekend. and will be a gradual warm up and a nice one. this image a close up shows partial clearing. and winds coming down out of the north-northwest sweeping clouds away. there are clouds along the san mateo county coastline and santa cruz county coastline. we we go tonight. we'll see cloud cover returning after some partial clearing into early evening. we'll see low clouds returning into areas overnight frk low temperatures from upper 40s in parts of the north bay to low to mid-50s over the remainder of the bay area, here is our water vapor image again. there is a trough so slow to push inland and moving away
4:54 pm
from the bay area bringing us cooler than average weather and this is moving out and we'll see a gradual warm up. so tomorrow, looking for more clouds at the coast. low clouds hang n on and inland a warming of 85 degrees the high. and we'll see upper 70s inland areas of the east bay z fairfield 76. antioch, 77. and there is warmer weather on the way. and there is 76 inland. 77 gilroy. more 80s coming up for the weekend. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is saturday and there is upper 08s by monday. and lts nths how it warmed up around the bay. 80 degrees tuesday, wednesday and coastal highs into low 60s monday and tuesday. so this is going to finally
4:55 pm
feel like july into the second week of july. >> thank you. >> let them eat cupcake! >> to commemorate bastille day and marie antoinette's famous line "let them eat cake". >> july 14th marks 222 anniversary of the start of the french revolution. many businesses displayed colors of the french flag. restaurants are gearing up and it should be tasty. >> and republican presidential candidate michelle bachmann is proving more popular than sara palin. >> a poll shows she's the most-second popular republican candidate and gaining on front runner mitt romney. >> no republican presidential
4:56 pm
candidate has taken a harder line on the debt ceiling showdown than michelle bachmann. >> we're shocked and apalled president obama dangle out this senior citizens may not get their checks. that is a very dangerous statement to make. we don't believe, excuse me. excuse me. we don't believe that for a moment. >> tough talk from bachmann is nothing new. she noe now speak was new found authority as the top-tier contender for the republican presidential nomination. a poll puts her firmly in second place as leading challenger to front runner mitt romney. in key first-caucus state of. >> i warks three polls over the past week put her in first place. >> republican primary voters are looking for someone who brings excitement and something different to it table. she does that. >> bachmann is positioned herself firmly to the right on social issues, becoming one of
4:57 pm
just two republican candidates to sign a so-called declaration of dependence upon marriage and family promise absolute opposition to redefining marriage and vowing personal fidelity. with bachmann's rise, it's no wonder she now finds herself under attack. >> her record of accomplishment in congress is nonexistent. >> in an interview with fox news, she responded. >> you've got to expect you're going to have attacks by all sides. but my focus has not been on negativity. that is not what people are talking about. >> all though she's polling better than sara palin, you have to remember palin is not a declared candidate. palin said she'll make her decision by september. >> we'll have to wait and see. >> thanks for joining us for the news at 4:00. >> i'm larry beil. the news at 5:00 continues now with dan and cheryl. >> uc students about to pay 18% more.
4:58 pm
why people behind the hike say it would have hurt more if they held the price down. >> swimmers, three water rescues near muir beach hold a warning for us. >> and small businesses go on the attack against's petition drive that could drive them out of business. good evening. a college education just got more expensive for students at university of california. >> today, regents approved an adegsal increase of almost 10%. and it's been what? just eight months since the last hike? >> you're right. 8% in november. now another 9.6% meaning in september many will have to pay almost $2,000 more to attend one of the ucs. this is now more than $12,000 a year.
4:59 pm
today's vote would increase tuition by more than $1,000 per student this, is the second hike voted fon for the coming year. saying it's necessary because of the state funding reduction. >> fees add up to only 26% of the university short fall for the next year. >> the system will make more cuts throughout the system. here are a few examples. >> we're raising the size of those and defering our school of medicine and public policy. >> the system says 55% of the students fwhoilt have to pay for this increase because they're entitled to financial aid package autos here we are putting once again that nail in the coffin of the middle class. that is

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